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Welcome to the world of Tanarika Resort

Discover a destination where exceptional values meet at Bhusawal’s Tanarika Resort. Situated at an hour’s drive from the world famous Ajanta caves, Tanarika Resort is the best place to stay during one’s visit to Khandesh Region of Maharashtra.

Located in a peaceful corner, spreading over acre of greenery, Engulfed in luxury with peaceful and serene atmosphere lying admits the nature and away from the hustle and bustle of city. Tanarika gives you the opportunity to “Be yourself…” It is a paradigm of a place where you can stay relax, refresh, eat, celebrate & conference.

Tanarika is a source to rejuvenate and invigorate yourself. To fulfill your wishes we have all the modern amenities and multiple facilities. So come feel the ambience, feel the tranquility in Tanarika.

The Tanarika Resort has a strategic and distance friendly location that allows visitors to set up base and explore the majestic environs of Aurangabad. Tanarika is a hotel that is located near the magnificent Ajanta and Ellora caves.

Now where else would you find a hotel that is near to a place like Aurangabad and also its main attractions – the world famous Ajanta and Ellora caves? The answer is pretty simple, come and visit the Tanarika Resort and you shall find that there is no better option to explore Aurangabad. So when are you dropping by at Tanarika?

The Tanarika Resort has its base at Deepnagar, thus starting a new era in the age of hospitality for Jalgaon and Maharashtra. There is also the thermal plant at Deepnagar that has added to its aura and along with the Tanarika Resort; it will be a shining light for years to come.

Hotel Near Aurangabad

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Resort Near Aurangabad

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